Grow Your Small Business in 3-6 Months Without Wasting Money on Advertising

As a small business owner, growing your business should be one of your top priorities. Most small business owners feel like they have to advertise the same way as large corporations in order to get ahead.There is a much better way to grow your business, a way where you won’t waste a penny on traditional advertising. Here is a five-part strategy that you can use to increase your revenue, without advertising:1. Create strategic alliances- Look at that businesses that also prosper when you prosper. Whom do your work with that makes money when you make money? If you can create an alliance with these people, where they promote your business to their customers you both win through the increased exposure.2. Slow down customer attrition- One of the easiest ways to grow your business is to keep your current customers from leaving. This means going out of your way to give each person the best service possible. If you can keep most of your customers around then you can slow the bleeding and any customers you add will increase the bottom line, instead of keeping it level.3. Increase your prices- Most businesses are short-changing themselves by racing their competition to the bottom, through pricing. Never compete on price. Instead, raise your prices. Dump your bottom-feeders and provide excellent service to your best customers. A simple 20% increase in prices is an overnight 20% increase in revenue.4. Sell more to your customers each time- Package your services in such a way that you provide great value for more income. Instead of selling a single item or service to a customer, dig deeper and solve her problem with an entire packaged system. As a small business owner, it’s your duty to provide your customers with the most services that will improve their current situation and packaging is the solution.5. Develop a referral system- Turn your customers into an army of free salespeople. Provide everyone that does business with you a series of tools where they can promote your business. Reward these loyal customers with merchandise, extra services, bragging rights, and VIP treatment. Create a referral portfolio, where you develop multiple referral systems, so that you don’t count on a single source for lead generations.You can grow your small business without wasting a dime on traditional advertising. By focusing more on keeping your current customers happy, instead of focusing on new customer acquisition, you can grow quite rapidly for much less cost.