The Many Different Types of Mobile Billboard Advertising

There are different types of mobile billboard advertising. Big mobile billboard advertising is one of the most common ones. If you are still confused about what we are talking about here then let’s make it simple by saying mobile billboard advertising is the kind of advertising that is done by promoting your product using billboards on trucks and vans. Here are a few mobile billboard advertising methods you must have seen in your town.Mobile Advertising on Trucks: People use every means of advertising but usually don’t go for truck billboards, maybe because they don’t know such an option exists although this is an excellent type of advertising. The posters or billboards used in this kind of advertising are placed on flatbed trucks that travel in targeted areas of the town. These trucks usually have big speakers which help to get people’s attention and interest. These trucks even have bright lights that help them to advertise even in the night.Simple Trucks and Vans: Just to save money some companies even get their posters printed on huge sheets and place them on huge trucks and vans. The company’s name is printed on all sides of the vehicle. These vehicles are seen in city and even on the highways.Normal Bus and Double Decker: I am sure all of us have seen those big colored buses with huge advertisements on them. These buses have a good advertising power as they cover all the areas of the city and even out of city areas.Ad-bikes: Ad-bikes are another very common, easy, fast and inexpensive way of Mobile billboard advertising. There are areas where companies cannot advertise their products on big vehicles, so in places like these Ad-Bikes are a blessing. You can make a small advertising billboard and place it anywhere on the bike and promote the product.The biggest advantage of this type of advertising is that people cannot ignore it.Billboards can’t be treated like television (unplug it), paper (throw it) and radio (turn it off). Mobile billboard advertising doesn’t leave an option to be ignored. If not million and at least thousands of people can view it every day. Plus the best part is, the place where your company is being advertised is not over loaded with other commercials and advertisements.Mobile billboards can go anywhere and your product/company can be promoted even in the places where you cannot place huge outdoor billboards. They move in all parts and corners of the city like airport, hospitals, main roads, parks, highway, outside and where not. They offer you exposure in expensive uptown communities, main stores and shopping centers and even in places where people go and work. What else do you want when you can get to the major drive-time viewers of walkers, and vehicular traffic, as these vehicles move in every part of the town and promote you product?Mobile billboard advertising is the type of advertising that no other medium can offer. Your brand/company/product goes everywhere these vehicles go. Every place where there is public your advertisement is going to be there to deliver them you message. Mobile billboard advertising is definitely the best way to make people hear your voice.